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Amazon API Update Shipping Tracking Information

April 5th 2016 00:46:51 | Programming by Ryan

Updating order tracking information to Amazon should be easy but it is not. The documentation kind of sucks and the examples on the internet are either not working of they don't give an accurate example on how to submit tracking numbers with their feeds API.

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Free Tutorial on Logging into eBay with PHP cURL

September 10th 2010 12:55:36 | Free Stuff by admin

Here we show you what is needed to login to eBay from your hosting provider using cURL. This has a number of good usages; can be used to check orders, data, send file exchange files and more.

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MySQL Vehicle Makes and Models Database SQL Files to 2009

September 10th 2010 12:05:44 | Programming by admin

I ran into an issue of not being able to find any easy to use mysql database import file for makes and models so I decided to make my own. This list should be complete up to the end of 2009.

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Free PHP Amazon Shipping & Order Data Auto Export Plugin

September 3rd 2010 15:27:19 | Free Stuff by Ryan

This is a nice little easy to use and implement set of functions that will login to Amazon, grab all your sold data such as items, names, totals and more and export the data to a specified database of your choice.

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5 Ways to Retain Customers

September 3rd 2010 02:49:59 | Other Stuff by Ryan

Customer retention is one of the key factors when it comes to running a successful business. Customers are your most important asset and it’s harder work and more expensive to get new customers than to retain old ones.

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A better solution to website traffic analysis

April 13th 2010 14:26:32 | Other Stuff by Brent

An overview of Piwik analytics program.

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Auto Export Your Amazon Shipping & Order Data For Amazon Sellers

March 21st 2010 23:55:40 | Programming by Ryan

I started the process of trying to figure out how to automate our shipping process on amazon and pull the amazon data automatically. Come to find out Amazon doesn't offer any solutions at all when it comes to this.

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Guy Kawasaki Speaking, the Business Start-up Master

March 11th 2010 11:26:50 | Other Stuff by Ryan

Guy Kawasaki is by far the best public speaker that we know, his words of wisdom and business insight has helped our company grow and we want to share with the community. This is a very good watch for anyone that is interested in business start-ups, ideas and planning your business funding venture.

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Master the art of task management with ease.

March 5th 2010 11:48:27 | Other Stuff by Brent

Ever have a hard time keeping track of tasks? Whether for work, or for your own projects there’s a simple internet based program that can solve that problem for you. MyTinyTodo is an open source to do list. The newest version features a wide range of capabilities to optimize your task tracking. The multi-list capability means tasks can be organized and categorized. Each task has a task note capability which can be expanded or hidden in the

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Using .htaccess rewrite rules to hide .php extensions

March 5th 2010 09:10:21 | Tutorials by Ryan

This post will cover a couple key features and what code we used to dynamically change our .php extensions to read .html while keeping the same filename so there is no need to rename files. This is very easy process and takes a couple easy to follow steps, we'll start out with a breakdown of server settings you will want to check before you get started.

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